Yiihuu – C4D TV Channel Packaging Creative Design – Chinese Language

Format: MP4
Vídeo : MP4 – MPEG-4, 1920 x 1080 (16: 9).
Áudio : Stereo, 48.000kHz
Duration: 2 Hours and 32 min.
Software: Cinema 4D ; Octane Render.
Author: 畢加索的馬

Site: Link(s): https://www.yiihuu.com/a_8970.html
| Course Introduction |


| This course is mainly based on how to make Styleframe (style map) as the course content.
Style diagrams are very important in the early implementation of advertising projects and are a very important part of dynamic design.

This course is an offline classroom recording. The original video contains more than ten hours of explanations. After careful editing, important operation steps are retained. The purpose is to let the friends who participate in the study can master a kind of operational technology in a short time and within a short time. Training methods that produce results.


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