Domestika Fantastic 3D illustration with Blender

Who is it for?

For illustrators, visual and concept artists, Blender users, CGI specialists, and all those who want to take their imagination a step further by exploring all that Blender has to offer.

What you need

To take the course, you need basic Adobe Photoshop skills and intermediate-level skills for Blender.

For your project, Blender 2.8 or later is recommended to be able to use all the tools you need to create your final artwork.

  • U1 Introduction
    • Presentation
    • Influences
    • What will we do in this course?
  • U2 Preparing everything
    • Knowing the universe
    • Stage selection
    • Prepare your mood board (models and textures)
  • U3 Creating the part
    • Prepare Blender
    • Composition techniques
    • Present the models
    • Apply the textures
    • Define lighting
    • Detailing and adding effects
  • U4 Refining the render
    • Prepare the render
    • Render refinement in Photoshop
    • Post-processing and color correction
    • Illustration potentialities
  • FP Final Project
    • Fantastic 3D illustration with Blender
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