3DTools Q-GeoTexture Complete v1.5 For Cinema 4D

Requirements: Cinema 4D (Win-x64) | File size: 540 MB
Q-GEOtexture is an art tool (C4d deformer extension) to ‘map’ c4d objects to a surface, similar to texture. This allows C4D artists to build complex shapes and structures – in an easy, procedural, fast but still controlled way. GEOtexture allows you to place and distort (‘flow’) any objects or groups of objects along another c4d surface in it as a texture area.

What is the:

  • Native C4D clone and warp tool working in the Surface Texture (UV) area (objects ‘flow’ along the u and v coordinates as the texture)
  • Placement and distortion of c4d objects or groups of objects, such as regular c4d geometry (distorted and scattered), or multiple states / states (scattered and scaled)
  • Deep control over placement, deformation and randomness, by value, texture, shading, or by fields (20+)
  • Use textures to nudge the c4d object color (mosaic effects)
  • Easy to set texture and / or texture (s) or any shading on all versions (!), All rendering engines support this feature (known from Forest Pro in 3dsmax)
  • Detection of edges and corners, for special placement of seams and edges.

What did you get:

  • GEOTexture, a C4d distortion plugin and cloning for c4d 18-23.
  • Resultant geometry, UV Reset feature works with all display drives (C4d, Physical, Redshift, Octane, Corona, V-Ray, Arnold, Maxwell, Cycles)
  • 55+ starter scenes and / or ‘seed’ settings included for free.
  • Lifetime perpetual license, based on c4d serial user ID or maxon (21+), no internet connection required.
  • One-year support and free updates included.
  • Available at a special price ‘MEGA TILE BUNDLE’ with the ‘Sister Plugin’ Q-TILE-PRO.
  • Later upgradeable to MEGA TILE BUNDLE (Q-TILE-PRO + GEOtexture), to get Q-TILE-PRO at a reduced price
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