Yiihuu – Mrousix – C4D Product Animation-Commercial-grade – Dynamic light performance – Chinese Language

Format: MP4
Vídeo : MP4 – MPEG-4, 1920 x 1080 (16: 9).
Áudio : Stereo, 48.000kHz
Duration: 2 Hours and 5 min.
Software: Cinema 4D ; Octane Render.
Author: Mrousix

Site: Link(s): https://www.yiihuu.com/a_10340.html
| Course Introduction |


| Commercial-grade dynamic light performance and cool scene rendering.

Core knowledge points:
Product light and shadow performance, dynamic light and shadow ideas, the mystery of texture expression, cool dynamic scene production
What can I learn:

1. Product light and shadow required by commercial grade.
2. Animation rendering process at work.
3. Creative ideas for commercial projects at different levels.
4. Slow rhythm of light and shadow texture performance.
5. Fast-paced dynamic and cool scene rendering process.


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