VideoSmile Super Blender 2020, RUS

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The most complete training course
for creating 3D graphics and visual
effects in Blender from the team

59 practical lessons

Homework and supervision

Certificate of completion

No time limits

Version 2021 (Added new lessons)

Free software
with limitless possibilities!

Blender is an open source 3D graphics and animation program. In some respects, it surpasses even expensive software products from well-known developers.

Recently, there are more and more supporters of Blender – many, including professional 3D artists, completely switch to work in it to create full-fledged animated films and computer games. That is why it is extremely useful to know this program and be able to work in it!

An important feature of Blender is also the fact that it is created by thousands of people around the world, and therefore develops much faster than any commercial software products.

Already at the moment, Blender is in no way inferior to such programs as 3ds Max, Maya or Cinema 4D, and has all the necessary tools and capabilities for modeling, animation, simulation of various effects, rigging, compositing, motion tracking, rendering and even video editing! And all this only gets bigger over time!

There is every reason to believe that in a few years Blender will become one of the main programs for working with 3D graphics.

However, despite such a rapidly growing popularity, there are very few training materials on the program itself. Especially in Russian. We decided to fill this gap and, continuing the line of our supercourses, created a full-fledged, most detailed, carefully designed video course “Super Blender”. It will help you learn how to work in Blender as an advanced 3D artist.

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