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  • on Blender 2.83 – 2.92
  • from the zip file



Most of these tools are accessed via keymaps, that can be adjusted in the addon preferences. Others are accessed via the object or edit mode context menus.

Smart Drive and Unity Export are accessed from the 3D View’s sidepanel, while Cursor Spin is found in the Extrude menu.

  • Smart Vert
  • Smart Edge
  • Smart Face
  • Surface Slide
  • Clean Up
  • Clipping Toggle
  • Focus
  • Mirror and Un-Mirror
  • Align
  • Apply Transformations
  • Select
  • MeshCut
  • Filebrowser tools
  • Smart Drive
  • Unity Export
  • Material Picker
  • Group tools
  • Add Thread
  • Cursor Spin
  • Toggle Smooth
  • Edge Constraint (Deus Ex)
  • Customize

Pie Menus

Pie menus in MACHIN3tools, typically provide a whole set of new custom tools themselves, they are not just a re-arrangement of native Blender tools.

These tools are not mentioned above, but there are dozens of them. The Cursor and Origin pie is a great example, but it’s similar for most other menus.

  • Modes Pie
  • Save Pie
  • Shading Pie
  • Views Pie
  • Align Pie
  • Cursor and Origin Pie
  • Transform Pie
  • Snapping Pie
  • Collections Pie
  • Workspace Pie
  • Tools Pie


  • Quad Sphere


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