Sculpt+Paint Wheel For Blender

Enhance your workflow with this awesomes and carefully designed sculpt and paint widgets!


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Which is the lastest supported Blender version?

  • Blender 2.92 release. (Usually lastest release version)

I can’t activate the addon!

  • There is no support over alpha/beta versions as they are in-development and experimental. As you can read in the official website when downloading those versions:

They can be unstable and mess up your files. Use at your own risk.

  • If some “bad magic number” error appears to you, that means somehow you changed the Python version of the Blender python environment, consider cleaning it up and download/install Blender again.
  • If some other error pop-up to you please contact me.

Where can I find the tool?

[ for SculptWheel case ]

  • HOLD ‘Space’ key to trigger it on Sculpt mode, release so it goes away! It will be filled with default brushes and tools for you (you can change them later or create other toolset).
  • Addon panel can be found in 3D Viewport’s sidebar > ‘Sculpt’ tab > ‘Sculpt Wheel’ panel

[ for PaintWheel case ]

  • HOLD ‘Space’ key to trigger it on Texture Paint and Vertex Paint modes, release so it goes away! But you can configure this to keep open and close when pressing again the hotkey. Note you can configure this key but by default is the spacebar.
  • For both paint modes, panel can be found in 3D Viewport’s sidebar > ‘Paint’ tab > ‘Paint Wheel’ panel
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