Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier + Update 1.8 for PC

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Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Future Soldier

It begins with the death of one of the Ghost gang members. At the beginning of the game, they start their attack with the intention of attacking a terrorist group and successfully complete their mission, but in the end, just at the moment when the player's character tries to examine one of the enemy's trucks, the door It opens, a bomb explodes, resulting in the group's mass death. The player is then taken to a US base. Where Nazanin is burying the bodies of their brothers and returning them to their country by plane. Exactly after this incident, a new group of ghost forces was formed to suppress the perpetrators of the explosion and were sent on a mission to go to different countries and eliminate the perpetrators of this incident, but in this regard, there are issues that do not exist at all. The subject of the bombing has nothing to do with it, but the group is tasked with addressing it. One of the things that makes Future Soldier unique compared to other titles of its kind is the presence of a special gameplay in the game. The main thing in the gameplay is that loud noises will kill you, unless you are in a certain situation and have to fight face to face.

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Ubisoft Paris, Red Storm Entertainment

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Description :

  • The game is compressed as much as possible by the Blackbox group.
  • This is a cracked Skidrow game.
  • Iso file using software Build a virtual drive Mount and install.
  • After installing the contents of the Skidrow folder, copy the FIX file to the game installation location. Run the game offline, which will ask you for User & Password in the first run of the game. In the Username section, type the word SKIDROW, and enter the desired password for the password section, and run the game by ticking remember me.
  • Put the Ubisoft Launcher file in the firewall.
  • Disable antivirus when installing.
  • To install DirectX software, go to the Redist folder and download and install the file
  • If the dll files are incorrect, go to the Redist folder and install the vcredist_x86.exe file.
  • In case of software dll file errors Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Install
  • Compressed files are tested and safe.
  • If you see an error while extracting, you can open winrar and
    Repair option to repair the file and easily decompress it
    You do not need to re-download the file.

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