• August 3, 2021



It is a very useful software for viewing complete information about your system's CPU. In fact, the CPU-Z software's specialty is to make a complete autopsy of your CPU and report it along with the details of the cache (covered memory), and the main board or motherboard of your computer. You can use CPU-Z software to track the components used in your system. Very important information about Cpu, such as the CPU name of the technology brand used in your Cpu, gives you the speed and amount of cache used in Cpu, and so on. In the Cache tab, in this section, you can see the first level cache and the second level cache, and if you have a dual-core CPU, you can see the caches used in it.

CPU-Z software capabilities

  • Show CPU including type, speed and amount used
  • Show CPU cache specifications and the amount of cache used in it
  • Show motherboard specifications including manufacturer, chipset, model
  • Show Bios specifications version and build date
  • Graphics card specifications and speed
  • Displays the exact RAM specifications used on the system

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