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Metro Last LightMetro Last Light

The story of the game takes place twenty years after the nuclear war. When Russia was destroyed by chemical agents and bombs. The atmosphere of the city is completely rotten and ruined, and even breathing is not possible in it, and people are forced to go to the canals and They took refuge in the metro station, and now it is the basements and tunnels that form the Russian state. In this game, you have to control an army called Artium, which along with other friends and soldiers is responsible for liberating people and saving the lives of the people, as well as clearing tunnels and subways. You are not alone in this place. And groups with a neo-Nazi attitude and mutant creatures scattered around tunnels and subways. There have been a lot of conflicts between these groups, which are getting worse every day, and the control of these groups is increasing moment by moment. It's getting harder and harder. You have to survive in the absolute rule of these groups and creatures, firstly, secondly, your duty to Do it right.

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