The Art of the Storyboard with Lyndon Ruddy

  • 7 months ago

In this BRAND NEW storyboard course with over 14 hours of content, learn what it takes to be a professional story artist! Learn not just the mechanics of good storyboarding such as camera angles, the 180˚ rule, “why” & “when” to move the camera, etc. but also watch in near real-time as Lyndon Ruddy (Blue Sky, Disney, Warner Bros., Sony) explains the entire process from script through final boards. See what it takes to be a story artist in a studio environment for film and television!

Lyndon Ruddy has 20+ years experience storyboarding, designing and animating for films, television & games. He wants to share his lifetime of knowledge with you!

You will learn the details that are expected of a professional story artist working today. Including:

Storytelling techniques for 3D & 2D production
How, When & Why to move the Camera
Types of camera moves + how to simulate them in a 2D environment
“Eye Trace”
Composition & Mood
Tips & Techniques
Storytelling Tools
Drawing Shortcuts
Pans, Cuts, & Shot Selection
From Script, Thru Thumbnails to Final Storyoards!
PLUS you’ll also get a HUGE bundle of bonus material including:
Original Thumbnail & Final Storyboard Images!
Custom Photoshop Storyboard Brush
Storyboard Template Files
& More!
Throughout the course Lyndon will provide examples, show clips and provide references to reinforce the concepts you will learn!

The Art of the Storyboard with Lyndon Ruddy


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