The Foundry Nuke Studio 12.0v1 Win/Mac x64

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Release Date
27 September 2019
Qualified Operating Systems
• Windows 7 or Windows 10 (64-bit)

New Features
CaraVR in NukeX
The majority of CaraVR’s nodes have been integrated into NukeX, giving you access to tools for VR and stereo
workflows and improvements to traditional 2D workflows.
• C_Solver and C_Stitcher improve results for non-traditional camera setups and can help remove artifacts on
different types of footage. Multiple camera setups become a lot easier to manage with CaraVR’s tools,
allowing you to toggle between custom camera setups and solve to generate a single image.
• C_CameraIngest enables you to work with cameras in Nuke’s 3D space to easily match your rig and camera
• C_SphericalTransform offers a more varied toolkit than Nukes own SphericalTransform node with GPU
accelerated results.
• C_STMap node provides more options for artists working with STMaps, including GPU acceleration for
quicker results and the ability to read position passes generated by C_GenerateMap to help reduce artifacts in
extreme cases.
• C_DisparityGenerator creates disparity maps for stereo images. C_DisparityGenerator differs from the Ocula
version in that it can also map in latlong space, meaning disparity vectors are mapped as they pass the edge of
the frame when the image wraps around.

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