[XYZ School] STYL (2020)

Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : XYZ School
Manufacturer website : https://www.school-xyz.com/styl
Author : Nikolay Tsys, Yuri Porubov
Duration : –
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : We will study all stages of the character development pipeline: sculpt, high poly, unwrapping, baking, textures, rig, animation and presentation. You will master sculpting in Zbrush, retop in Maya, baking in Marmoset Toolbag, texturing in Substance Painter, rigging and animation in 3Ds Max, and final rendering in Marmoset for portfolio. Let’s deal with the ART part in order to get into the subject of the project and not redo anything. You will model one complete cycle of the stylized character for the game yourself by the end of the tutorial.

1. Sculpting
2. Retopology
3. UV + Bake
4. Textures
5. Rig
6. Animation
7. Presentation
8. Diploma
9. Bonuses
10. Useful materials

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