XYZ School Procedural textures 1-2 [2018-2019, RUS]

XYZ School Procedural textures 1-2 [2018-2019, RUS]

Year of issue : 2018-2019
Manufacturer : XYZ School
Manufacturer website : https://www.school-xyz.com/texture2
Author : Anton Ageev
Duration : –
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : A new profession for the industry is gaining popularity – Material Artist. This is a specialist who saws textures. Lots of textures. The procedural structure of the material allows you to make changes at any stage of creation. This makes it possible to constantly improve the existing result. Nothing else will have to be redone “from scratch” Due to the flexible structure of the sources, you can modify your textures beyond recognition and get a new, unique material in a few clicks.
The aim of the course is to teach you how to make expressive textures that meet the requirements of the modern gaming industry. The main tools on the course: Substance Designer / Painter – these programs help to create and work with complex procedural materials, and therefore are widely used in video games, cinema and in archetic visualization.

Procedural textures 1
Procedural textures 2



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