Xiaomi is Determined to Improve the Quality for there Mobile Phone Cameras

The quality of the camera is one of the main characteristics of a modern smartphone. When buying a mobile phone, many people expect that the photos taken by him will be significantly better than those that were made by the devices of previous years. For this reason, Xiaomi , whose devices, until recently, could not boast of good cameras, can not pay attention to one of the weaknesses of their devices. The company has to improve the cameras, primarily in the flagships, and it is desirable to do them better than those of competitors. For these purposes, we need technology and a whole laboratory.

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A few months ago, the head of Xiaomi told that they created a specialized unit, where a team of thousands of specialists will work, whose task is to improve the cameras for new smartphones. And they managed to make progress. Not so long ago, the world saw Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which, according to DxOMark experts, shoots no worse than the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Naturally, the company will not stop there. The message has come that Xiaomi wants to acquire the company Mito, which is known in China as a manufacturer of a smartphone with an emphasis on decent photo opportunities. Whether it is a question of buying the entire company or only a part of the assets, there is no exact information. Experts say only that the purpose of the upcoming deal for Xiaomi is to gain access to patents and developments owned by Mito and associated with the algorithms of the cameras.


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