UVW Unwrapping in 3ds Max Mastered – From Beginner to Pro

In this in-depth course, we’ll cover everything you need to know to simplify the often antagonizing process of UVW Unwrapping. Using simple, functional, and quick tools at your disposal – we’ll show how to master every aspect of UVW Unwrapping in a simplified way within 3ds Max. Stop struggling with out-of-date-methods, confusing 3rd-party softwares, or techniques that are losing you valuable time (and even precious money) Master the simple UVW unwrapping techniques with this course, and learn to UVW Unwrap everything from simple primitives to complex assets.

What you’ll learn
Learn the most important, core UI elements of the UVW Editor in 3ds Max
Become a pro at UVW unwrapping your game assets in 3ds Max
Learn to UVW Unwrap all sorts of 3d shapes – from simple to complex – hard surface to organic
Become a UVW Unwrapping master in no time by learning the most important, yet most commonly used tools in the un


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