uTorrent 3.5.0 Build 44178 Ads-Free & Pro Patch

  1. Install uTorrent
  2. Make sure program is not running
  3. Launch the patch
  4. In the “Product” box, select the target product installed on your system. If there is only one product, it will be already selected
  5. In the “Options” box, click “Install ProPack”. You can skip this step in case you already have the ProPack installed or if you’re going to run the Ad-Free version only. In case you want to run the Pro version you MUST install ProPack, otherwise the program will not work as expected
  6. In the “Options” box, click “Install Patch”. A backup copy of your current settings will be created. Note: by default the patch is configured to run the Ad-Free version
  7. Launch uTorrent
  8. That’s All, Enjoy

NOTE : if you were using a previous version of this fix, once you start the tool you’ll see “Uninstall Patch” only. Click this option to remove the current fix (old) and then click “Install Patch” to perform a clean install of the newest fix