Year of issue : 2021
Manufacturer : Udemy
Manufacturer website :
ор : Emiel Sleeger
Length : 30:49:29
Handout Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Subtitles : English, Russian (machine translation)
Описание : Learn how a professional environment artist works when creating environments for games. You’ll learn techniques like Modular Modeling, Procedural Texturing, Unique Texturing, Level Art & Composition, shader Creation, Lighting, Character Animations and so much more.
All the modeling will be done in Blender3d, However, the techniques used are universal and can be replicated in any other 3d modeling package. The materials will be created using Substance Designer and previewed in marmoset toolbag 4. The environment will be built in the brand-new Unreal Engine 5 and the lighting will use the new Lumen system. We will also use the new modeling tools within Unreal. Next to this, we will also use Substance Painter to create unique textures and generate masks.
In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to create the final results that you see in the images and trailers. Next to this, the same techniques can be applied to almost any type of environment.
31+ HOURS!
This course contains over 31+ hours of content – You can follow along with every single step – The course does enclose a few small-time lapses, this is just to speed up very repetitive tasks, the rest is done in real-time. However, we have also included the time lapsed footage in real-time.
We will start by going over our reference and then we dive right in and create a blockout of our level and set it up in UE5. Then we will first create all of our procedural materials and we will turn our blockout models into final models and also UV unwrap/texture them right away.
Once that is done we will export all the artwork to Unreal engine 5 and setup our level.
We will create advanced shaders to give us control over everything from vertex painting to dirt masks to parallax and next to this we will also create a basic landscape material.
We will be using the new modeling tools within UE5 to speed up our workflow and minimize the modular pieces we need to make.
Finally we will do our scene lighting using the new Lumen system and we will do the color grading in Davinci Resolve.
Then to bring our scene to life I will show you how you can quickly generate character animations using Mixamo and I will even show you how to manually animate a horse in blender.

1. 01-Going Over Our Reference And Creating An Asset List.mp4
2. 02-Setting Up Our Project And Metrics.mp4
3. 03-Creating Our Blockout Pieces Part1.mp4
4. 04-Creating Our Blockout Pieces Part2.mp4
5. 05-Creating Our Blockout Pieces Part3.mp4
6. 06-Creating Our Blockout Pieces Part4.mp4
7. 07-Creating Our Blockout Pieces Part5.mp4
8. 08-Setting Up Our Level Part1.mp4
9. 09-Setting Up Our Level Part2 – Narrated Timelapse.mp4
10. 10-Setting Up Our Level Part3 -Timelapse.mp4
11. 11-Preparing Our Scenes For Material Creation.mp4
12. 12-Creating Our Plain Wood Material Part1.mp4
13. 13-Creating Our Plain Wood Material Part2.mp4
14. 14-Creating Our Plain Wood Material Part3.mp4
15. 15-Creating Our Plain Wood Material Part4.mp4
16. 16-Creating Our Plain Wood Material Part5.mp4
17. 17-Creating Our Wood Planks Part1.mp4
18. 18-Creating Our Wood Planks Part2.mp4
19. 19-Creating Our Wood Planks Part3.mp4
20. 20-Creating Our Wood Planks Part4.mp4
21. 21-Creating Our Wood Planks Part5.mp4
22. 22-Creating Our Wood Planks Part6.mp4
23. 23-Creating Our Final Assets Part1.mp4
24. 24-Creating Our Final Assets Part2.mp4
25. 25-Creating Our Final Assets Part3.mp4
26. 26-Creating Our Final Assets Part4.mp4
27. 27-Creating Our Final Assets Part5.mp4
28. 28-Creating Our Final Assets Part6.mp4
29. 29-Creating Our Final Assets Part7.mp4
30. 30-Creating Our Final Assets Part8.mp4
31. 31-Creating Our Final Assets Part9.mp4
32. 32-Creating Our Final Assets Part10 – Timelapse.mp4
33. 33-Creating Our Final Assets Part11 – Timelapse.mp4
34. 34-Importing All Our Final Assets In Ue5.mp4
35. 35-Cleaning Up Object Placement And Shader Planning.mp4
36. 36-Creating Our Master Material Part1.mp4
37. 37-Creating Our Master Material Part2.mp4
38. 38-Creating Our Master Material Part3.mp4
39. 39-Importing Materials And Doing Our First Lighting Pass Part1.mp4
40. 40-Doing Our First Lighting Pass Part2.mp4
41. 41-Creating Our Roof Material Part1.mp4
42. 42-Creating Our Roof Material Part2.mp4
43. 43-Setting Up Our Final Models Part1.mp4
44. 44-Setting Up Our Final Models Part2.mp4
45. 45-Setting Up Our Final Models Part3.mp4
46. 46-Setting Up Our Final Models Part4.mp4
47. 47-Setting Up Our Final Models Part5.mp4
48. 48-Setting Up Our Final Models Part6.mp4
49. 49-Adding Variation To Our Environment Part1.mp4
50. 50-Adding Variation To Our Environment Part2.mp4
51. 51-Adding Variation To Our Environment Part3.mp4
52. 52-Adding Vertex Painting Variation -Timelapse.mp4
53. 53-Creating Our Window Glass Textures.mp4
54. 54-Creating Our Saloon Corner – Timelapse.mp4
55. 55-Creating Additional Assets – Timelapse.mp4
56. 56-Doing Our Boolean Process.mp4
57. 57-Doing Our Boolean Process Part2.mp4
58. 58-Creating Our Decals And Placing Them.mp4
59. 59-Creating Our Terrain Material Part1.mp4
60. 60-Creating Our Terrain Material Part2.mp4
61. 61-Creating Our Landscape Material.mp4
62. 62-Adding Terrain Details Part1.mp4
63. 63-Adding Terrain Details Part2.mp4
64. 64-Adding Terrain Details Part3.mp4
65. 65-Doing Our Second Lighting Pass.mp4
66. 66-Creating Aditional Assets Part1.mp4
67. 67-Creating Aditional Assets Part2.mp4
68. 68-Creating Aditional Assets Part3.mp4
69. 69-Creating Aditional Assets Part4.mp4
70. 70-Creating Text Decals.mp4
71. 71-Place Aditional Static Assets.mp4
72. 72-Placing Our Characters.mp4
73. 73-Creating Our Character Animations Part1.mp4
74. 74-Creating Our Character Animations Part2.mp4
75. 75-Creating Our Character Animations Part3.mp4
76. 76-Animating Our Horse Part1.mp4
77. 77-Animating Our Horse Part2 – Timelapse.mp4
78. 78-Animating Our Horse Part3.mp4
79. 79-Final Polishing Of Our Scene – Timelapse.mp4
80. 80-Other.mp4

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