Toons Tool 4D

PD Be creative and feel free to experiment with Toons Tool 4D (Fluid FX). This asset includes a 107 crazy toon effects for Maxon Cinema 4D R13 and above, MoGraph module is needed, in Cinema 4D Lite these effects doesn’t work. Add a stylish look and modern dynamics into your project. Create a many variations, change the form, resolution, colors and frame rate. Also, you can use the Toons Tool 4D (Fluid FX) without Maxon Cinema 4D. Pre-rendered animations in 4K resolution (4096×2160) with alpha-channel, ready to use in video compositing programs like Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, Edius, Resolume etc. Impress your clients and audience. Enjoy! PC

Toons Tool 4D (Fluid FX):
Fluid FX (107 Cinema 4D Projects)

Other stuff:
4K Fluid FX (107 Different Clips)
Tutorial on YouTube
Fluid FX Sample Download


Maxon Cinema 4D R13 with MoGraph module (Not Lite version)
Resizable Resolution (by default: 1920×1080)
Frame rate: 30fps
No plugins required
Easy to Customize and Colorize
Video Tutorial


Music is available here: The Clap by AudioRose

IP TFF_IP TFF_1 TFF_2 TFF_3 TFF_4 TFF_5 RP Toons Tool 4D (Drops FX) Toons Tool 4D (Explode FX) Toons Tool 4D (Electro FX) Toons Tool 4D (Slash FX) Toons Tool 4D (Smoke FX) 3D Cartoon FX Pack 1 3D Cartoon FX Pack 2 3D Cartoon FX Pack 3 3D Cartoon FX Pack 4 3D Cartoon FX Pack 5 ToonsTool (FX Kit) 2D Cartoon FX 2D Cartoon FX 2 2D Cartoon FX 3 2D Cartoon FX 4 2D Cartoon FX 5 2D Cartoon FX Pack 5 (HD) 8BitToons FX 8BitToons FX (HD)
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