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Nuke 12.1 gives artists all the features they need, right at their fingertips. With the new Shuffle Node, substantial enhancements to BlinkScript and Particles and performance improvements targeting GPU accelerated nodes.

New Shuffle Node
Introducing a new, updated version of the Shuffle node which will replace both the Shuffle and ShuffleCopy nodes. With a more user-friendly UI, the updated node improves stability and offers consistent channel ordering relative to the previous Shuffle node. Plus, it can now support one or two inputs and up to eight channels per layer.

Updated Nuke Spherical Transform and

Weโ€™ve merged the NukeX and Cara VR versions of SphericalTransform and Bilateral with the Nuke versions of these nodes, adding increased functionality and GPU support in Nuke. SphericalTransform has a new MirrorBall projection method, alongside access to the standard set of Nuke filter methods. Both nodes take advantage of the CaraVR GPU performance improvements added in Nuke 12.1 and are available in Nukeโ€”they do not require a NukeX license.

Cara VR GPU Caching
Improvements to Nukeโ€™s GPU processing architecture result in significant performance improvements for chains of nodes that use this new behavior. In Nuke 12.1, all of the Cara VR nodes, including SphericalTransform and Bilateral, take advantage of this architecture resulting in significant improvements in viewer processing and rendering. This improvement is also available in BlinkScript.

New BlinkScript Particle Support
NukeX now includes a new ParticleBlinkScript node. This node allows users to write BlinkScripts which operate on particles and further enables users to write their own custom Particle nodes. Weโ€™re also providing 14 new gizmos as a starting point for artists and developers using ParticleBlinkScript to create new particle tools.

To facilitate these updates, weโ€™ve made some updates and fixes to Nukeโ€™s BlinkScript framework to improve performance for GPU-accelerated nodes and help developers working with BlinkScript, including a new debug printout. See the release notes and developer documentation for details.

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