TFM Style Grunge Pack


Cool and easy solution for your daily designs and projects


Product Overview

Give your models some cool Grungy Bumps with this Tileable Grunge pack. Those maps can be used with any 3D software.

This Pack includes:

– 50 Greyscale Maps
– Grungy/Rust Theme
– Tileable 2K Resolution

The Grunge Pack was made to provide your models some cool patterns, and break up the regularity of the usual noise, Giving a more natural feel to the model. Those patterns have been made with oil paintings, doesn’t get any more natural than that!

Greyscale maps of the Grunge Pack

Render Previews, Bump Channel.

Everyday’s done using the Grunge Pack

Those projects are free to download (including free samples from the Grunge Pack), click on the images to learn more.

Other Renders made Using the Grunge PAck

 Render by Grigori Shevtsov  Render by Dominic Wilson

 Render by Grigori Shevtsov
 Render by The French Monkey

 Render by The French Monkey

 Daily Render by Voima Design  Daily render by Digital Ridge