• August 1, 2021

The all in one solution for Motion Designers

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Product Overview

The Motion Designers Lighting Kit Pro was designed to truly speed up your workflow, and suppress the need of adding keyframes to create loopable animations. Fully customizable motion and lighting controls, with versatile settings and easy to use.

Everything you wish your lights could do, now can!

This Pack includes:

  • MDL Kit .lib4d for Cinema4D R18
  • MDL Kit .lib4d for Cinema4D R19


  • Fully customizable light, with versatile controls at hand.
  • Preset library
  • LightBox options
  • Loopable motions (position, rotation, scaling)
  • 1 click Flickering effect
  • Sound driven lighting (R19)
  • Add custom objects to the motion rig
  • No keyframes needed


This Lighting Kit was made for Cinema4D and Octane 3.08

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MDL Kit Pro – Settings & Options

MDL Kit Manual.jpg

Presets Folders included in the Content Browser

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