SpeedTree Modeler 8.4.2 Cinema Edition Win x64

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SpeedTree a software super famous and powerful for simulationPlants and trees animation, movies and games is very functional and high. Your loved ones using this software, users will be able to all trees, shrubs and other plants to make games, movies or animations you need to be very professional and easy to use design and simulation.
Application speed more, this feature gives you when you simulate the trees and plants, you can design them differently to make all your plans are similar and different. It should be noted that the game makers Destiny 2, the makers of the movie Avatar, harry potter have used this software to design their own trees. The software has a large library tree is new version of the library is larger and developed.

Features and software SpeedTree:
-Simulation and advanced design is very simple and trees, plants and shrubs
-Ability to simulate the different and diverse design for the lack of similarity between the trees and plants designed
-Library outgrow tree
-Can be used in engines such as Unity game, Nrl engine and

System Requirements:
RAM:8GB Ram,
Space:500MB HD,
SM 3.0 capable graphics card.


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