Year of issue : 2020
Manufacturer : Skillbox
Manufacturer’s website :
Duration : 11:23:19
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : You will master the most popular graphics editor. Learn to work professionally with graphics, create collages and animations and you can start a career in design.
Who is this course suitable for:
For beginners in design:
– master a universal graphic editor, learn basic and advanced working techniques. You can use Photoshop for personal purposes or start a career as a designer.
For designers:
– Learn to work with 3D and animation, use brushes and retouch photos professionally. Improve your skills in print and web design and become a more sought-after specialist.
For those who work with graphics:
– you will learn how to create graphics for websites or printing, draw banners, process images. You can bring any creative ideas to life.

1. Photoshop from scratch

Introduction to Photoshop

Get to know the features of Photoshop, its interface and toolbar. Learn how to work with layers and be able to customize the workspace.


Learn about the basic and additional tools of the program. Learn to customize brushes, fill and gradient.

Working with files and images

Understand document types, size, resolution and presets. Learn how to use scripts and actions / Batch, and how to properly open, save and export documents.

How to work with layers and masks

Master working with layers and masks. Explore basic shortcuts, selection, movement, transformation, and blending modes.

Bonus module. Selections and masks

Learn to work with masks and selection modifiers.


Learn what effects are for and how to apply them. Learn to search for references, add objects to the background, use styles, 3D layers and art effects.

Advanced Clipping and Retouching Techniques

Understand the purpose of retouching and clipping. Learn about personal working techniques and principles of shading, reflections and highlights. Explore the Quick selection, Select & Mask, Content Avare Fill and Content Avare tool features.

Raster imaging principles

Learn about color modes and models, as well as vector and bitmap graphics. Learn to use channels and keep selections.

Bonus module. How to master the Pen tool?

Learn the Pen tool and practice using it.

Collage Practice to Create Key Visual

Learn to search for collage photos, select and edit icons, work with 3D text, shadows, textures and Puppet Warp. Learn what technical design is and how to add particles to the background.

Bonus module with Pavel Yarets

Learn how to create original memes.

Bonus module with Mikhail Nikipelov

Learn about professional retouching and image restoration tools.

2. Photoshop PRO


Learn what Photoshop is for and where it is used. Learn about the history of the program and its impact on the industry. Learn how to work with Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Bridge.

Technical design

Learn the nuances of technical design and be able to apply shadows in simple and complex compositions.

Image Processing & Collage PRO

Get acquainted with popular image processing techniques and learn how to make color photos from black and white photos.

Working with text PRO

Learn to work with text and fonts like a pro. Learn about text styles and typography in interfaces.

Practical use of Photoshop

Learn how to use Photoshop for social media and website design. Learn to prepare typography layouts and design mockups from scratch.

Extended capabilities

Learn about the advanced features of Photoshop – animations, gif banners, and 3D tools. Learn to use automation 120lvl (Generate + Layer Comps).

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