Simplebake – Simple Pbr And Other Baking In Blender

SimpleBake is the definitive baking solution for Blender. In short, it allows you to simply bake PBR and other textures.

Blender provides a very powerful way to create complex PBR materials by using nodes. However, what should be a simple process of baking and exporting these materials for use with other software or systems (Substance Painter, Second Life, Sketchfab, Unity etc.) is surprisingly difficult.

SimpleBake aims to address this problem. SimpleBake is an addon / tool that provides a one-click solution for simply baking PBR maps from materials created in Blender.

However, SimpleBake isn’t just an add-on for PBR. You can easily bake all of the “traditional” Cycles bake modes, along with other kinds of specialist maps (Ambient Occlusion, Curvature, Thickness, Vertex Colours and Colour ID).

See below for a full overview of the features, and also check out the FAQs and ratings for more information.


PBR Baking

  • Simple PBR baking – Just select what textures you want (Diffuse, Metallic / Metal, Roughness, Normal, Transmission, Transmission Roughness, Clearcoat, Clearcoat Roughness, Emission Specular and Alpha) and SimpleBake will spit them out.
  • Create complex materials how you want to -Create your PBR materials in the usual way. Have as many materials on your object as you want. Use multiple Principled BSDFs and Emission shaders in those materials to get the result you want (something that sets SimpleBake apart from other addons). Use Mix Shader nodes to mix them together how you want. Use whatever input to those shaders that you want.
  • Fully flexible channel packing – (Blender 3+ version only)

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