Realtime Materials V2.0 For Blender

The Realtime Materials Addon is a Library of over 290 procedural materials. This material pack allows you to apply complex materials with one click. You no longer need to spend hours playing with nodes to get your hands on high quality 3D materials.

The categories of these procedural materials have been chosen based on the materials needed by 3D artists every day. There is a wide range of categories like Metal, Exterior, Glass, Wood, Leather, Surface Imperfection, Cloth and Paint, all designed with practical use in mind. There are also some more specific categories for these procedural materials like Carbon Fiber, Hexagon, Terrazzo, Tiles, Camo, and Abstract. Made for anyone who across all use cases!

These Procedural Cloth Materials are loaded with so much customization! You can edit the color of each strand, change the direction of the pattern and mess with the amount of color variation across the whole material.

Hex can be very tricky to make procedurally, but these materials do all the work for you. You have control over the bevel, color, roughness and a lot more!

These Procedural Carbon Fiber materials are NEXT LEVEL! You have control over color, clearcoat, roughness, and a nice selection of 10 photoreal materials! 

These Terrazzo materials are perfect for your kitchen counters, restaurant tables, and your ceramic plates and cups!