SideFx Houdini FX v16.5.268 Win



H16.5 is not just an iteration on the features released in H16. It also includes a lot of tools we had prepared for H17 that are ready now โ€“ and this is how we like to operate: when the tools are ready, we donโ€™t hold back โ€“ we release them.

Film & TV Features
For film, TV, advertising and motion graphics artists, the top new features and enhancements include:
Narrow band fluids โ€“ ? memory usage and 3X speed (compared to full band
Air incompressibility โ€“ for accurate bubble behaviour
Optical flow โ€“ use 2D or 3D sources to drive any type of Houdini simulation
Simulated muscle and flesh โ€“ point deform & FEM
Crowds with partial ragdolls and quadruped support
Grooming enhancements โ€“ flexible grooming, faster controls, and artist-friendly tools

GameDev & VR Features
For game developers and artists, the top new features and enhancements include:
PolyReduce โ€“ improved reduction algorithm, preserve quads, reduction based on texture maps, geometry silhouettes or any other attributes
UV layout โ€“ insanely tight packing
Terrain โ€“ smoothly transplant a feature from one height field into another
Rounded-edge rendering โ€“ generates beveled edge at render time, output to texture maps โ€“ rounded edge can also double as a mask for dirt maps

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