By | May 17, 2018

C4D Barbed Wire Fence Generator


I’m a sucker for a good C4D rig/generator, so I love this thorny barbed wire rig by Fuad Miftari. He created it for a personal project and is giving it away for free! Download and make sure to thank him on his Vimeo page. The download link is in his Vimeo description. Enjoy!


C4D Fence Generator Rig

Peter Holweg created an incredible Xpresso rig and is giving it away for FREE! It’s a Cinema4D Fence Generator rig to create all kinds of different fences. If you didn’t know, Peter is the mastermind behind our popular Pipes Generator and Air Duct Generator, which are incredibly powerful and fun to use. Make sure to check those out as well. Huge thanks to Peter for such a great freebie!