Shading and Material Creation in Unreal Engine

Year of release : 2021

Manufacturer : CGMA

Manufacturer’s website :

Author : Hugh Trombley

Duration : 11:49:19

Type of material distributed : Video lesson

Translator: Helluvallyric

Language : English, Russian

Description : The purpose of this course is to learn the basics and become comfortable with node-based shader systems, whether in Unreal Engine or other texture creation programs or engines. You will create materials and textures for games using Unreal Engine. Students will learn to create materials in a modular manner and learn about a variety of advanced materials used in video game production, such as vertex rendering, foliage shading, landscape material systems, and other complex shaders. By the end of the course, students will know how to create different types of master materials used in different teams, be it effects, environments, characters and more.

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