Houdini 20 Win/Linux Free download 2024

What’s New

Houdini 20 includes hundreds of enhancements and new workflows including Karma XPU, Feathers, Clouds, Material Catalog,

Render Stats,

Quad Remesh,

APEX Character Rigging & Animation tools and more.

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H20 WHAT’S NEW | DOCSANIMATIONExplore APEX, a brand new context designed to deliver an animator-friendly environment that is built on a robust procedural rigging toolset.LEARN MORECHARACTER FX

Check out the new Feather tools which complement the fur, cloth, muscles, and crowd tools available for CFX artists.

LEARN MOREKARMA XPUKarma XPU is production-ready and works with new Solaris tools such as the material linker, Material X galleries and shot clones.

LEARN MOREENVIRONMENTSNew Cloud tools combine with terrain and ocean tools to create complete environments for your movies and video games.

LEARN MOREVFXLots of improvements such as the new Ripple solver and Rigid Body Cone Twist handles enhance the quality-of-life for FX artists. ANIMATION & RIGGING

Explore APEX, a brand new context designed to deliver an animator-friendly environment that is built using a robust procedural rigging toolset.APEX is being released in BETA with Houdini 20.APEX AnimateAnimators will work with the new APEX Animate node to load the APEX rig and use the controls to set keyframes. Selection sets and Locators let you quickly block out a shot while Animation sliders help you manage in-between motion.Selection Sets

LocatorsAnimation SlidersAnimator WorkflowThis new suite of tools is designed to help you animate more efficiently.This ensures a fluid viewport-centric experience that can handle multiple characters at once.Multi-CharacterConstraintsReference VideoCurve Graph Enhancements

Dynamic Motion

Add more realistic motion to characters and props with Dynamic Motion and Ragdoll tools. Now animators can incorporate real physics into their work with complete control throughout the process.