Redshift 2.5.48 Win

* Added AOV output of bucket mode IPR to [Maya] RV
* [Maya] VP2.0 fragment shader of RedshiftStoreColorToAOV, RedshiftStoreScalarToAOV and RedshiftStoreIntegerToAOV node is added to correctly pass Beauty input to output color
* [Maya] Fix harmless bump2D warning recently introduced
* [Maya] Fixed recently introduced regression bug that result of outTransparency of file node becomes dust
* [Max] Fixed a bug that could cause an exception when baking without RsBeautyBake
* [Houdini] Add support for custom AOV
* [Houdini] Fix portal light scale parameter of Houdini 16.5
* [Houdini] Fix crash when launching RV on Linux
* [RenderView] fixed crash when saving images from rendering view when motion blur is enabled
* [All] Custom AOV StoreToColor and other nodes consider shader opacity cutout
* [All] Fixed a bug that resulted in garbage custom AOV result when mixed color shader output and vector shader output
* Fixed a bug that could cause performance-related asserts when rendering using [All] custom AOV shader
* [All] Fixed bug that garbage bump map of baked texture occurs
* [All]
Fix rare bug that may cause ray count overflow error

If you installed previous redshift cracks (2.5.40 and bellow) you need to manually delete any extra files provided with that crack , like “zredshift(.cdl64)(.dll)(.mll)”

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