EXOSIDE QuadRemesher V1.5 For C4d/3dsMax/Houdini/Blender/Maya/Modo

Quad Remesher is an automatic quad remeshing (or auto retopology) technology.

Quad Remesher is available as plugins for:
Autodesk 3ds Max® software
Autodesk Maya® software

Blender Instructions:

You get two folders after you unzip the file(On the WinOnly Version):
and -QuadRemesher_1.0_BlenderBridge_Win

1) Go to–> appdata/roaming/Blender Foundation/Blender/2.82/scripts/addons

2) Place the CONTENTS of the “QuadRemesher_1.0_BlenderBridge_Win” folder in there.

3)Run Blender.

4)Go to edit->preferences->addons and search for Quad Remesher. Enable it.

5)Push “N” in the viewport to view the righthand toolbar. Find Quad Remesh in the tabs there. Open it. Click “Remesh It”. Wait for it to download the files. (It will show a license agreement- accept it and close the dialogue when it prompts for license key.

6)Now close Blender. Go to C:\ProgramData\Exoside\QuadRemesher\Datas_Blender\ QuadRemesherEngine_1.0

7) Copy and replace the contents from the “quad_remesher_engine_1.0_win” file into the given directory. Replace it all.

8) Run Blender and have fun


1.(you have to activate Trial version with your email at
2.activate the plugins through blender by entering the same email & click on activate. will give you 30 days Trial.
4.there is a license file located at macOS: /Users/Shared/Exoside/Licenses (thats a .lac file)
5.right click on it & open it with the Textedit app.
6. you have to crack the information within that license, find someone that know i how to do that, i have no knowledge in that.
7.Or keep running trial version, after the 30 days create a new email.