[RedefineFX, Jesse Pitela] Phoenix FD Advanced Large-Scale Water FX Course

Year of issue : 2019
Manufacturer : RedefineFX
Manufacturer website : http://redefinefx.com/phoenix-fd-course/
Author : Jesse Pitela
Length : 06:34:08
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : English
Описание : After years of running water simulations with Phoenix FD, I’ve finally decided to take everything I’ve learned and turn it into the most value-packed course I could make. Avoid common mistakes that will make your simulations take forever to run and even longer to render, optimize your scenes & achieve impressive results fast. The course covers a variety of scenarios, including a submarine breach, 60-foot waterfall, mountain river and much much more. By the time you’re 30% done going through the lessons, you’ll feel comfortable & inspired to run your own large-scale water sims. See you inside the course! – Jesse

-Hello & Introduction to The Course
-Introduction to Phoenix FD
-My #1 Hardware Recommendation for Faster Simulations
-How to Create an Infinite Ocean with Realistic Sun Lighting
-Splash & Foam General Overview
-3 Pillars of a Realistic Water Sim & Understanding the Importance of Scale
-Seaplane Landing – Animation & Calculating Correct Speed
-Water Simulation Settings – In-Depth Overview & Seaplane Setup
-Tweaking Foam Particle Amounts for an Optimized Simulation
-Understanding Splash & Mist
-Rendering Splash & Foam particles using the Particle Shader
-Quick Tip: Adding Underwater Terrain to Seaplane Scene
-Submarine Breach: Optimizing the Model, Seting up Scale, Speed, Ocean Level, Motion Velocity Effect
-Submarine Breach: Water Settings, Foam Patterns, Steps per Frame, Rendering Tab
-Quick Tip: Emitting Liquid out of Submarine Body for Additional Liquid Detail
-Submarine Breach: Rendering Splash & Foam Particles
-How to Emit Additional Splash & Foam Separately to Add Detail Where Needed
-Ballistic Missile Launch
-Quick Tip: Adding a Realistic Sky Background to Your Infinite Ocean
-Basement Flood & Wetting!
-Ocean Inside of an Object
-Waterfall – Splash by Free Fly
-Animal Walking Through Water with Realistic Ripples
-Person Falling into a Pool
-Fountain for Archviz – Rendering Liquid as Foam
-Aircraft Carrier Ship Wake
-Quick Tip: How to Fill an Object with Foam or Splash
-Yacht Ship Wake
-Spaceship Rising from Ocean
-BONUS: Repulsive Force
-Car Water Tokyo Drift
-Sully – Emergency Airplane Water Landing
-Rolling Wave Beach Setup
-Beach Scene with Realistic Waves
-BONUS: tyFlow Introduction & Statue Collapse into Ocean
-BONUS: Add Foam Caps to Crests of Waves using Phoenix Foam Texture
-tyFlow Physx Fluid: Introduction
-tyFlow Physx Fluid: Wall Destruction
-New to Phoenix 4: Particle Tuner Overview
-New to Phoenix 4: Active Bodies Basic Overview
-New to Phoenix 4: UVW
-BONUS: Introduction for Fire & Smoke – Ballistic Rocket Launch
-Thank You, Here’s What’s NEXT!

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