QuickTexture 2023 For Blender 3+

QuickTexture Release Notes

V_1_1 For Blender 2.93.1

  • Mask by Depth added
  • Added support for more many naming conventions
  • Decal improvements
  • If you already have a full material, it will remake it into a QuickTexture
  • Ctrl + D pie menu added
  • Ctrl + Backspace added as an alternative shortcut to delete layer
  • Left/Right arrows to rotate map 90 degrees as an alternative for [ ]
  • Replace Mask bug fix
  • Unlink material option
  • Reset individual settings (Values, Transforms, Scale)
  • Backspace to delete mask bug fix
  • Layer deletion bug fixes
  • Multi object selection bug fixes
  • Tooltips added
  • Issues with ‘U’ fixed

V1 For Blender 2.93

One-click texturing solution!

  • Automatically creates and manages all necessary nodes for you based on a single image of your choosing.
  • Select more than 1 image in the file browser to use ‘Albedo’ ‘Roughness’ ‘Normal’ ‘AO’ ‘Alpha’ named textures in the selected file folder
  • Will use objects UV’s if they exist.
  • If no UV’s are found, automatically creates procedural Box Mapping / View Mapping UV’s based on your selection.
  • Continue to model after the fact and watch the procedural UV’s seamlessly update, or apply the UV Project modifiers to lock them into place.
  • Intuitive controls in the viewport to move, scale, rotate, adjust values, contrast, bump intensity, and more.
  • Hotkeys to visualize one map or one layer at a time for fine-tuning.
  • Blend between layers with masks based on height, noise, or normal direction
  • Opacity/Alpha controls for every layer
  • Duplicate layers and add variety
  • Project textures from View for decals/additional hero details on your asset
  • Up to 5 custom material layers
  • Set up reference images / photomodeling refs by launching the tool with nothing selected
  • Select 2 objects to instantly blend between the shaders using a height mask
  • Select 3 or more objects to apply the new material to every object in your selection
  • Convenient Copy Material function to copy your shader and UV setup to the selected objects
  • Mesh Decals! Project as many decals from the view as you would like. Use one PNG with an Alpha or build up to 5 texture layers per decal
  • Comes bundled with FREE Painterly Roughness maps to enhance your materials!