Geocables – Geometry Nodes Cables For Blender

~~V1.0.4 Released! High polycount issue fixed!

~~V1.0.3 Released! It fixes the normals issue on some connectors and also the issue that the addon was creating unnecessary geometry nodes node tree(called ‘Geometry Nodes’ every time new cables were created.

~~V1.0.2 Released and it fixes a bug where applying the geometry nodes modifier would delete the connectors.

~~V1.0.1 Released and it fixes the crash that happened when switching to the Cycles Render engine.

GeoCables is a Blender Addon that allows you to generate procedural hanging cables by using Geometry Nodes.

The core of the addon is Geometry Nodes but the addon makes it much more convenient by offering functions like Drawing in the Object mode by simply clicking on surfaces or converting objects to cables.