Procedural Shading: Fundamentals and Beyond (Blender 2.8 & 2.9)

Procedural shading is one of the less explored applications of Blender that holds a lot of potential and power if utilized correctly. In this comprehensive training series we will build a solid foundation of the concepts and techniques that we will use to thoroughly explore procedural shading with Blender’s node-based shader editor.
The core part of this course is structured in a series of short 5-10 min videos that focus on important concepts and techniques and are supported by visualization tools and simple examples. Supporting the course as a showcase example is an isometric cube scene that is created using exclusively procedural shaders and only basic modelling techniques.
Training Outline
– Introduction
– Fundamentals
– Procedural Textures
– Shading Principles
– Shader Composition
– Modular Setup
– Automation (TBA)
– Baking (TBA)
Additionally the course includes multiple workflow examples that go into detail on creating one fully procedural shader each.


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