Procedural Building Generator v1.3 For Blender

Turn your models into buildings!

Need a custom-building for a scene? Maybe a whole village or a cityscape?

Model a simple building shape using regular modeling, and let this generator create a building from it in real-time!

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Important: Version 1.2.1 works with Blender 3.2-3.4. Version 1.3.1 works with Blender 3.5+.

Easy building creation

To start using this generator in a new project, you just have to drag and drop a style and a template from the Asset Browser.

Once you have done that, you can model the building just like you would any other mesh. It will update interactively so you can always see how the building looks. You can even work while in rendered view if you prefer that! Here is a GIF to show how straight-forward the building creation process is.

Turn models into buildings

If you have a low poly mesh, you can slap this modifier on it and see it interpreted as a building.

It even adapts to different roof shapes!

Building styles included

The generator comes with 5 different building styles, or asset packs. They are:

  • Wooden stye
  • “Kowloon walled city” inspired style
  • Half-timbered style
  • Pueblo architecture style
  • Swedish cottage style

Every style is contained in a single collection, so swapping the style out is super easy.

You can easily create your own style, too!