Medal of Honor Warfighter for PC


soft98Medal of Honor: Warfighter

This is a new part of the MOH game series released by EA. MoH: Warfighter uses the Frostbite 2 engine, which is why we see a strong physics of the game, and the pieces of wood break down nicely and fall into the water. Overall, Danger Close makes great use of the Frostbite 2 engine, and the game's graphics are really nice. Animation of teammates is very smooth and sometimes they fall to the ground and get up very interestingly. Everything is destructive and will be destroyed. The game takes place in different countries and is a narrative of the real missions of the American Tier 1 force. The game premiered at E3 in Somalia this year. We first reach the shore of a devastated area by boat with several other soldiers. The area looks secluded, but caution must be exercised, which is why the trench-to-trench advance is on the coast. Suddenly, a white light appears from a distance, and an arrow hits our shoulder, and we go underwater. A sniper shoots at us from a distance and the fight begins. We take refuge under a wooden dock, but the enemy's arrows destroy the wood and fall on us.

Description :

  • The game is compressed as much as possible by the Blackbox group.
  • This is a cracked FLT game.
  • This game only includes English and other languages ​​have been removed.
  • Iso file using software Build a virtual drive Mount and install.
  • Disable antivirus when installing.
  • To install DirectX software, go to the Redist folder and install the file
  • If the dll files are incorrect, go to the Redist folder and install the vcredist_x86.exe file.
  • In case of software dll file errors Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Install
  • Compressed files are tested and safe.
  • If you see an error while extracting, you can open winrar and
    Repair option to repair the file and easily decompress it
    You do not need to re-download the file.