• August 1, 2021



One of the most beautiful titles presented for PC, produced by Microsoft. The story of the game is about a person named Randall Wayne who sets foot in a dangerous world in search of his lost wife and child and has to destroy many enemies. The game is somewhat game-like Shank Due to its small size, it has been able to meet all the needs of a beautiful game.


Made by Unreal Engine 3 and is one of the few games
 With this engine, game development is made and it attracts my attention.
The atmosphere in the game is very good and the players feel good
The game will communicate. The variety of game stages is very good and always on
You will play different environments and places, all of which are very good, with
Detailed and different designs. Texture quality for a 2.5D game
It's great, and even in parts where the game's camera is close to the characters
Be, maintain their quality. Also the design of the main character of the game is level
It is very good.
One part of the game has a lot of traps that require quick reactions
have. Once you overcome these obstacles, the game continues to have its own difficulties
Will have.
The atmosphere of the game has a very beautiful design style.
Deadlight is full of great ideas, and in no way tiring
You will not be.

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