LotPixel – Seamless Fine Wood & Dust Mask Imperfections – 8K Texture

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Premium Dust Mask Imperfections Texture , Surface imperfections are small variations in the appearance of surfaces. They can be found everywhere in various shapes and forms and usually come from natural weathering or human interaction. Whether it be smudges on your phone, dirt on a car or water stains on a mirror in the broad spectrum surface imperfections are all the wear and tear elements on surfaces.

Premium Seamless Fine Wood Texture , You can use wood textures in all your 3d projects according to your need. You can use wood textures in your kitchen work, flooring and all kinds of indoor and outdoor works. You can do the following steps when using coatings. Invert the rendering motors when using the roughness channel. Use a low rate when using the bump channel. Use roughness to reflection glosiness channel. The ambientOcclusion channel mix can be combined with baseColor. The use of high-resolution coatings gives accurate results


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