Lockdown 14 for After Effect

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Lockdown is a revolutionary new plug-in that allows you to track warping surfaces inside After Effects.
It’s free to use until June 7th, follow the link below to get a time-limited license.

To get free time-limited licenses of both Lockdown and Composite Brush, please fill out this form. Please get started with the watermarked trial build (Green ‘Try’ button on the top right of this page), and the temp license will get to you within 1 day. To activate the license which removes the black watermark grid, press “Register” at the top of the Plugin in the Effects Control Window, and paste in your code, then press “activate”.ย We’ve extended this offer because in most parts of the world, quarantine has lasted longer than April. If your April license has already expired, please fill out the above form and submit again. After you receive your new license, go to the Plugin, press “Register”, and de-activate the current license. Then paste in the new license and press “activate”.ย Reach out with a help ticket for questions and feedback. You will automatically be sent two separate emails, one for Lockdown, one for Composite Brush, so please pay attention to which license is which, since they are not interchangeabl



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