Little Inferno 1.0 Little Hell for PC


Little Inferno

Little Inferno 1.0

Little Hell is an intellectual and enigmatic game from the famous company Tomorrow Corporation. In this game, the life of your character is spent around the courtyard in front of you. The only thing you can do in the meantime is order a classified set of items and toys, which you will put in this fireplace by preparing them in a fraction of the time after they are ready. You set them on fire, and you get points for setting them on fire, and you use those points to order new items. The main point of the game is to complete each step. You should identify the items that are related to each other from these items and burn them in pairs, and by completing this process, you can go to the stage. Take a new step with different items. Certainly, your intelligence and patience, as well as your patience and accuracy, are the only factors that determine these things.

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