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All In The Details

Adding detail to 3D objects for enhancement of apparent size or realism is a time-consuming task. It is made easier if tools are available to reduce the workload and time involved. Greebler is that new tool for your arsenal. It provides support for multiprocessors, NET Render, selections, materials, and much more. | Greebler Cinema 4d Plugin Scifi City Generate


Greebler Cinema 4d Plugin Scifi City Generate | By adding models under the Greebler generator object you get instant results that can be tweaked and retweaked until you are satisfied. The models’ surfaces are extruded and populated with shapes to add realism and dimension without exacting work. You can control the density and coverage of the added details as well as a number of other parameters. And if you don’t want to cover the entire model in details or want different details for different surface areas, you can use Greebler tags in conjunction with Polygon Selection tags to specify where you want details, where you do not, and what kind of details for that area.

On top of the typical choices found in most greebling software to enhance your work, there is also the ability to expand your arsenal with custom greeble shapes and objects. Objects can be duplicated across the surface as Instances or Render Instances allowing a rich amount of surface detailing while saving memory and time.

Multiprocessor generation lets you realize and customize results quickly by optimally using that powerful multiprocessor computer at your disposal. NET Render compatibility so that your professional project can be rendered using a render farm. Greebler tags used in conjunction with the Greebler generator object and Polygon Selection tags let you control where and what details go onto your models. The Library Manager lets you store, organize, and reuse your custom shapes and objects. Presets to allow you to get the same results without having to remember configuration settings. Copy-Paste of settings to achieve same results quickly when presets are not required. Customizable low-area and thin polygon exclusion for greebling.

Four types of detailing available:

  • Bevel and extrusion of the input object’s polygons.
  • Thirteen stock greeble shapes give you a variety of beveled and extruded details to disperse over your input object’s surface. Of these, five have customizable parameters to add even more variation.
  • For that personal touch, you can create and use custom greeble shapes.
  • Objects can be used to cover the surface of the input object as either copies, instances, or render instances.

Greeble and Nurnie linear, array, and circular array groupings allow richer detailing in a simple manner.

Sparsity gives you the ability to control the density of polygonal coverage over your models.

Frequency control over each shape and object lets you decide how many of each enabled shape or object is used to populate the surface.

Relaxed positioning yields a more natural looking distribution of greebles and nurnies over the model’s surface.

Global alignment moves Greebler away from your typical greebling software into a realm where you can conceivably create forests or cities with relative ease. Alignment is ‘up’ by default but has three rotation axes of control.

Don’t want your greebles or nurnies pinned to the model’s surface? You can control their distance relative to the surface with the Surface Offset controls.

All relevant settings are animatable!

You can assign materials to bases, greebles, and even particular surfaces on them using Texture tags with naming conventions without ever having to make the Greebler object editable. For bases, you can also opt to let the model’s texturing pass through to them.

Keep your greeble geometry lightweight while maintaining smooth surface transitions with automatically added Phong tags. | Greebler Cinema 4d Plugin Scifi City Generate

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