FlippedNorma ls / Emiel Sleegers Advanced Texturing in Substance Painter 2021, ENG

Release year : 2021
Manufacturer : FlippedNormals
Manufacturer’s website : https://flippednormals.com/downloads/advanced-texturing-in-substance-painter/
ор : Emiel Sleegers
Duration : 04:56:33
Handout type : Video tutorial
Language : English
Описание : In Advanced Texturing in Substance Painter, you will learn how to create well-organized, high-quality advanced textures using Substance Painter and how to render assets – along with their textures using Blender & Cycles.
Learn how to prepare an asset for baking and how to create a quick and perfect bake using Substance Painter. You’ll also learn how to create flexible smart materials, how to create hyper-realistic rust and dirt and how to manage correct material response on your textures. In Blender you’ll learn how to set up a render scene, adding materials to your models and adding a custom sky HDRI along with sky and area lights. and how to set up and save a final render image.

01-Going Over Our Reference And Exporting Our Models.mp4
02-Baking Our Model In Substance Painter.mp4
03-Creating Our Paint Smart Material.mp4
04-Adding Our Base Materials.mp4
05-Creating Our Rust Masks.mp4
06-Placing Our Rust Part1.mp4
07-Placing Our Rust Part2.mp4
08-Placing Our Rust Part3.mp4
09-Adding Extra Dirt And Details.mp4
10-Setting Up Our Render Scene Part1.mp4
11-Setting Up Our Render Scene Part2.mp4
12-Polishing Our Texture And Lighting.mp4
13-Creating And Adding Our Atlas Texture Part1.mp4
14-Creating And Adding Our Atlas Texture Part2.mp4
15-Final Polish.mp4
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