WingFox / Pedro Blanco Sci-Fi Environment Design Concept Art Course 2020, ENG

Release year : 2020
Manufacturer : WingFox
Manufacturer’s website : https://www.wingfox.com/c/8326
Author : Pedro Blanco
Duration : 14:09:59
Handout type : Video tutorial
Language : English
Описание : This course will focus on creating attractive sci-fi/nature environment concept art. The tutor will start with his initial ideas and the reference gathering. Then the tutor will create a simple 3D blocking and then develop it using modeling and sculpting techniques in Blender to approach the final look.
After that, you will learn how to create your own buildings to have a personal kit to set up composition. You are going to learn how to texture it to make cool results.
The tutor will work with the EEVEE render engine which is super powerful to create very nice and really fast atmospheres with volumetric lighting. Once everything is ready, he will show you how to make the best render and talk about the necessary passes to keep working in Photoshop.
The final look will be approached using textures and overpainting. After that, he will make an animation using a camera in EEVEE, from which the environment will come alive.

00. Trailer
01. Introduction
02. Blockout Process
03. Creating Environment Assets
04. Modeling Buildings
05. Particles System
06. Lighting and Rendering
07. Photoshop and Overpaint Process
08. Photoshop and Overpaint Process 2
09. Final Retouches and Exporting Process
10. Animation in Blender
11. Final Look
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