ExamDiff Pro Master Edition + Portable Comparison of files and folders

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PrestoSoft is a powerful software for comparing Windows files and folders. Changing the cracks in files and folders, quickly comparing different versions of documents, synchronizing your folder, publishing different results with others, increasing productivity when reducing errors, easy to use, etc. are the features of this software. . ExamDiff is very useful software for webmasters or web designers or for anyone who needs to keep copies of files in two different places.

ExamDiff software capabilities

  • Compare text files, binary files, and directories
  • Highlight differences down to the level of lines, words or letters
  • Highlights of document syntax
  • Fuzzy line matching
  • Identify the motion of the text block location
  • With the possibility of adding the coordinates of the user manual to compare the text file
  • -Compare directly from the Windows browser
  • Ability to edit files within the comparison file
  • Ability to copy, rename and delete files or directory
  • Save different files for the standard UNIX DIFF file or HTML page
  • Printing and pre-printing printing different results
  • Ability to search advanced
  • Advanced command line interface
  • Word support
  • Backup plugin
  • Ability to drag and drop
  • Make Snapshot snapshots for later comparisons
  • Full support for Unicode

32-bit version
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64-bit version
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Portable version
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