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Avira AntiVirus Pro 15.0.2005.1882 Avira Antivirus


Avira AntiVir Personal

Avira AntiVirus

Comprehensive antivirus for Windows and Unix desktop computers on the network and protects them against all security threats to viruses, worms, trojans, hackers, etc. Avira AntiVirus Anti-Virus Settings and Management can also be done centrally and seamlessly across the Avira Management Console (SMC). Avira Anti-Virus is extremely light and powerful and has no overload on systems. Using AHeAD technology, this product is able to detect new unknown viruses.

Features of Avira AntiVir software

  • Complete protection against any viruses and malware
  • Reliable, powerful AntiVir technology with numerous awards in the field of virus recognition
  • Very fast response to new risks, this has been done in collaboration with research companies in the field of malware
  • Leading in the detection and destruction of viruses and malware, with the help of a new search engine (faster and more secure than before)
  • Protect and identify RootKits and destroy malware that is unintentionally installed on your system. (32-bit version for Hass)
  • AHeAD technology to detect and repel the threat of rapidly changing attack attackers.
  • Real-Time monitoring to access all files with the help of on-access scanner (also check compressed files) along with on-demand scanner for manual and scheduled searches.
  • WebGuard to detect HTTP-based traffic to detect viruses and malware. Along with automatic detection and blocking of phishing and malware
  • MailGuard Reviews of emails sent and received in Windows (POP3 and SMTP) by Email scanner To check additions with emails by AntiBot.
  • Identify compressed files by return to multi-layered functions to check compressed files and executable packages
  • Quarantine infected files and isolate infected and suspicious files in Windows
  • Scheduling and automatic management of activities
  • Very light update packages for low-bandwidth internet with daily network and internet updates.
  • Schedule a schedule for automated activities
  • Ability to provide comparative reports and messages
  • Network Management via Avira Security Management Center – SMC
  • Strong user interface design so that all actions, including updating and searching, can be done easily.
  • Ability to create different management profiles with different accesses.
Description :

  • Get an original license for more security and better performance.

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