CodeVonc Unfolder deformer Plugin Cinema 4d R16/R17/R18/R19

The Unfolder deformer create an unfolding effet on each polygon.

v 1.3 :
– Fix activation bug.

v 1.2 :
– Increased speed.
– New function to fork the unfolding each n polys.

v 1.1 :
– Increased speed on high polys objects.
– Possibility to limit the unfolding to a polygon selection..
– Possibility to extend Ends polys to neighbors.
– New unfolding modes.
– Possibility to divide the unfolding.
– New rotations modes.

v 1.0 :
– Compatible R14, R15, R16.
– Czech translation by Lubo Bezek.

Copy the folder « vonc_depliage » in the folder « plugins » of Cinema 4D.


Download – Examples 1.1

Download – Examples 1.0


Download the demo version and active the complete tool by entering your activation key received after the payment in the Licence field in the object settings.
The demo version is limited to « End polygons : Polygon ID » and « Mode : ABCD ».


Strength :
Set the strength of the deformer.

Limit to selection :
Limit the unfolding to a polygon selection.

End polygons :
Set the last displayed polygons when the strength is near the 100 %.
– Polygon ID : Allow to choose the polygon by his index.
– Polygon selection : Allow to select multi-polygon by drag a Polygon selection tag.
– Random : Allow to select a defined number of random polygons

Extend :
Allow to extend the Ends polygons to their neighbors and create a multidirectional unfolding effect.

Mode :
Set the research mode of the unfolding.
– ABCD : chooses by order the neighbor polygon of the edge AB, BC, CD, DA (faster research mode).
– ABCD inverted : same but in order DA, CD, BC, AB.
– Index : chooses the lower polygon index.
– Inverted index : chooses the higher polygon index.
– Clockwise : chooses the leftmost polygon.
– Counterclockwise : chooses the rightmost polygon.
– Straight : chooses the opposit polygon.
– Random : chooses the polygon randomly (set with the source).
– Position : chooses the farthest polygon of the deformer position (variant : the nearest).
– Posion + Straight : combines the Position mode with the Straight mode.
– Direction : chooses the farthest polygon of the direction set by the deformer rotation (variant : the nearest). It automatically set the End polygon.

Divide :
Divide the unfolding in many directions.

Variant :
Set a variant of the selected unfolding mode if possible.

Optimize points :
Set to on to allow the deformer to search a link between disconnected surfaces.

Disconnect polygons :
Set if the polygons must be disconneted.

Triangulate :
Converts all the polygons to triangles.

Delete polygons :
Allow to delete polygons after an unfolding offset.

Cache :
Automatically save the unfolding research calculation and update it when the plugin detect any change in the object.
Set to off to always calculate the unfolding.
Click on Refresh to recalculate the unfolding and refresh the cache.

Fix object :
Set if the unfolded polygons must move compared to the object, or if all the object moves compared to the polygons.

Rotation :
Some rotation modes are possible :
– Set : the rotation is set by the user.
– Flat : the rotation is adapted to obtain a flat unfolding of the object.
– Maximum : the rotation angle adapts to deploy from the previously unfolded polygon.

Cumulative rotation :
Set the relative rotation of an unfolded polygon.

Cumulative scale :
Set the relative scale of an unfolded polygon.

End scale :
Set the end polygons scale at 100 % strength.

Smooth :
Set the number of polygons affected together by the smooth.

Falloff :
Set the animation curve of a polygon unfolding.

Rotation factor and Falloff :
Global rotation factor of the polygon, it can be changed with the falloff where its X axis represent the progress of the unfolding.

Activation key :
Buy a license for receive your activation key and unlock the full version of the plugin.
The demo version is limited to « End polygons : Polygon ID » and « Mode : ABCD ».