Heyne Drive v1.70.4 R13-R16 R17-R19

Rear Axle Steering

The wheels of the rear axle can now be made steerable. The driving speed determines whether the wheels are turned parallel to the front wheels or in the opposite direction (see picture). At high speeds, the parallel steering results in a virtual increase of the wheelbase and thus more driving stability. At low speeds, the opposite steering causes a reduction of the wheelbase and thus a smaller turning circle.

You’ll find an animation on this subject created with DRIVE! on Vimeo.

Removing the Simulation

With this function you can remove the DRIVE! software completely from the project after the keyframe recording of the simulation. The project can then be rendered on a computer without DRIVE! or be sent to a render service.

Parametric Objects in the Automatic Setup

Up to now, the Automatic Setup has only considered polygon objects for calculationg the dimensions of the model. The new version now supports all objects that have geometric dimensions.

(De) Activation of Individual Vehicles

The vehicle object is now designed as a generator object, i.e. it can be switched on (green tick) or off (red cross) in the Object Manager. Up to now, the editor visibility has been used to exclude cars from the simulation.

Update Check

At start DRIVE! checks whether a newer version is available. Updates can be downloaded directly from CINEMA 4D. However, the installation has to be done as before using the installation program.