[CGSociety] Abstract Effects in Houdini Rus

Year of issue : 2016
Manufacturer : CGSociety
Author : Niels Prayer
Duration : 13 hours 23 minutes
Distribution Type : Video Tutorial
Language : Russian
Description : Houdini is an extremely powerful tool for creating complex procedural effects, providing an unprecedented level of flexibility and control that will increase the level of your creative work.
Over the course of this eight-week course, Niels will show you how you can easily and effectively use and combine the traditional tools of this abstract art scene creation program.
The main goal of this course will be for you to experiment and enjoy working with these tools. Dots, particles, voxel techniques, L-systems, techniques for working with a mantra – these are just some of the topics that will be touched on.
From abstract effects to motion design, you will see the endless possibilities that every aspect of this program offers you.
Start learning today and find out how to level up your effects!

Week 1. Create life from just a few points!
Procedural creation of dynamic spline trails. Adjustment of their length, size; adding leading source particles. Design trails on geometry to create interesting shapes and animations.
Week 2. Cheerful particles.
Customize interesting particle behavior using forces, colliders, etc. Particle attractors to form geometry or logo. Build complex networks based on recursive behavior. Using various solvers to manipulate particles. Using expressions and color to manipulate particle attributes.
Week 3. Cycles and eras.
Using crushing techniques to create a procedural pattern using cycle tools. Creation of interesting shapes based on destruction. Create simulation-free, expression-driven and noise-driven animations.
Week 4. Voxels to every home!
Recreate the “pixelated” look of effects such as flip fluids, Pyro and geometric animations.
Week 5. L-systems and more.
Learning the basics of L-systems to create a complex abstract effect with its own rules and animations.
Week 6. Dear broadcast ..
Transferring attributes from the SOP-level to the mantra and setting render parameters with their help. Create interesting displacement behavior by combining texture techniques and passing attributes from animation.
Week 7. Big project, first part.
Create a finished scene using some of the techniques we’ve learned. Definition of design, tools, scene structure.
Week 8. Big project, second part.
Continued work on the scene. Simulations, corrections, adding details, rendering and compositing.

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